Operating Heating & Cooling

Where to Find the Thermostat

The control of the thermostat is right before the living room, on the left wall.

The thermostat controls both the heating and cooling of the house. It’s automatically set to maintain the optimum temperature. However, if you feel the temperature of the house is uncomfortable and need it adjusted, simply go to the thermostat and adjust the temperature temporarily by pressing the up and down button on the touch screen.

Operating the Thermostat

Also, there are two buttons on the side of the control. The upper button controls the mode of the thermostat. You can switch to “cooling”, “heating”, or “off” by pressing the button until the screen indicates the mode you want.

The lower button controls the fan, which can be set to “auto” or “on”. The fan is always on auto. So please always leave it there.

The thermostat can also be remotely controlled. So if you have any issues with it, you can send us an email or a text message so we can help you reset it remotely.

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