House Rules

Thank you for choosing our place. We are glad to host. Because we want to keep our place safe and decent, because we want to

ensure our guests’ comfort, we have outlined a set of house rules, and we hope that you take them seriously, as breaking any of the

rules may attract a fine.

Checking In & Out

Check-in time starts at 2 PM. Check-out time ends at 11:00 AM. Quiet hours are between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

Emergency Contact Details

Tawfik: +1 240-258-8295

Damages & Breakages

Please no shoes on when in the unit.If you break or damage something, please let us know immediately and arrange for its replacement or repair.


If you need a parking permit, you must put down a refundable deposit of $75 per permit. Request a parking permit here.If you requested a parking permit and was given one, please return the permit before checking out. Otherwise your deposit will be used to purchase another permit.Don't park anywhere on the property or within the community. Otherwise your vehicle may get towed.


Always use the dining or breakfast table when eating. Don't eat anywhere else in the house.Please no food in the bedrooms or on the couches. Do not leave any food out that will attract uninvited pests. Our home is pest-free and we intend to keep it that way with your help. Don't put anything oily or smelly food or non-food item in the refrigerators.


Please treat our place with respect. Guests’ belongings are only safe and secure if you remember to close and lock all doors and windows at all times.Please don’t waste energy. Turn of the lights and all appliances when you aren’t using them or when you go out. Also, don’t leave the air conditioning or heater on with the windows open. We have an automated thermostat. Do let us know if you experience any issues with that. Please no open fires/candles/incense.

No Smoking

No smoking inside the house. Also no smoking within the premises (both outside and on the deck).

No Pets

Sadly, no. Sorry. We have a strict no-pet policy because we host a wide variety of guests some of whom may have medical-related sensitivity to pets.

Noise, The Neighborhood, Visitors, Functions

No parties, no outside visitors, no overnight guests without previous approval from us. Please avoid disturbing other guests or the neighborhood in any way. Do not engage in illegal activities anywhere on the property. No sex outside the bedrooms. And please, always use the bed. An extra guest will attract at least $15 per night.


Failure to adhere to the above mentioned rules can lead to immediate termination of your stay in the place. In the case of damages and breakages, you will be expected to settle the total repair cost. Thank you for taking time to read our house rules and manual. We hope you enjoy your stay in our place.

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