Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Check In?

Enter the access code you were given, followed by the "LockState"

button. Wait 10 seconds for the door to unlock. To lock the door

again, press the "LockState" button twice. Learn more.

Can I Check In Early

Our check-in period starts from 3pm and ends at 11pm. While it's

possible to check-in before 3pm, there's the possibility that the cleaners

may still be sprucing the place up. If you check in earlier than 3pm, you risk

meeting the place being cleaned or yet to be cleaned.

Can I Check Out Late?

Our check-out period ends at 11am. This is because we need to get the place

cleaned up and ready for other guests as early as possible. Thank you for your


Do you have free WiFi?

The house comes with a free WiFi.Name: 11770 CarriagePassword: 11770carriage.

I have more than two cars

Unfortunately, we have only two parking permits. To learn more about parking

at Carriage Guest House, please visit our "parking" page.

What About Extra Bed Linens?

You can find extra bed linens and bedroom items on the ground floor, in the

coatroom almost opposite the staircase. Learn more.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, you can, so far as the visitor is not going to stay the night. We do no allow

overnight guests without prior approval from us.

Thank you for your understanding.

Why Charge a Cleaning Fee?

After each guest checks out, we send professional cleaners to spruce up the place,

wash the beddings, and get everything ready for the next guest. The cleaning fee

goes to the cleaners. It's part of our commitment to making our place comfortable

and neat for guests.

Do you allow parties?

Our neighborhood is a peaceful one. While we understand that sometimes our guests

may come as a group or have visitors, excessive noise could prompt our neighbors to

call the police, and if that happens, it's highly likely that you will be removed from the house.

It's for this reason that we don't allow parties at our place.

Do you allow pets?

Sadly, no. Sorry. We have a strict no-pet policy because we host a wide variety of

guests some of whom may have medical-related sensitivity to pets.

Learn more about our house rules here.

Do you allow smoking?

We also have a strict no-smoking policy because we host a wide variety of guests

some of whom may have medical-related sensitivity to cigarette smoke.

Please respect this rule while at Carriage Guest House.


How far is the property to DC?

This depends on where in Washington D.C. Typically, the distance from the property

to DC is within 12 miles to 20 miles, which is 30 minutes to 36 minutes, depending on

where in DC you are going.

How far is Silver Spring Metro?

The distance from the property to Silver Spring Metro Station is just within 13 minutes to 15 minutes (5.0 miles) via Columbia Pike and Colesville Rd Fastest route, the usual traffic.

Best way to get to & around Washington D.C.

The best way to get around Washington DC is the DC Metro (subway or underground).

Silver Spring Metro is ONLY 5 miles away from Carriage Guest House and you can get

to Silver Spring via uber transportation, taxi or Bus.

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